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The Permanent Blow Wave

10 Apr, 2011 Beauty Blog
The Permanent Blow Wave

Here I go again… raving about the Bettjemans Permanent Blow Wave, a treatment that transforms curly & frizzy hair into silky smooth waves. If you have never heard about the Permanent Blow Wave, you can learn all about it by reading my previous blogs, Goodbye frizzNo more frizz, these stories will tell you all about the product & the process.

I have revisited the salon three times now for this incredible treatment & as the saying goes, third times a charm! This time round the product is new & improved making the process shorter & even better than before, as now you dont have to wait two days before you wash your hair, they do it for you in the salon on the same day.

I  had my second Permanent Blow Wave in october last year, five months after my initial treatment which lasted me all winter. I was absolutely blown away by the results, the best part being that it gradually wears out of the hair, unlike Chemical Straitening when you get an unattractive band of curly re growth appearing after the first month. its important to know that the Permanent Blow Wave is not a hair straightener, so after the treatment whatever curl you may have naturally will still remain in your hair, but without the frizz.

My hair is not only curly, its super thick & often fluffy, so if its exposed to any level of humidity it grows into a hideous curly afro, making me look like a female version of Robert Plant (or as a lovely friend used to tell me in the 80′s- Dee Snyder from Twisted Sister… gorgeous!) Since I have been getting the miracle treatment from Bettjemans I have been truly amazed at how my hair has literally NO frizz anymore & even in dense humidity it still sits in soft waves with nary a hint of the dreaded frizzies. It has also been in incredible condition & I am constantly amazed how little product I need to use to keep it controlled.

Today I washed my hair myself using the prescribed ‘Kerastraight’ shampoo & conditioner (you must use a sodium chloride free product as regular shampoo will strip the Keratin from the hair shaft), lightly towel dried it & applied a small amount of conditioning mousse to activate the curl. I then sat in the sun to dry my hair naturally & the result was soft, shiny, wavy hair that was silky soft to the touch. Because its such a novelty to have manageable hair I then played with my wide GHD irons & smoothed my hair poker straight in literally less than fifteen minutes… Tomorrow I will experiment further & use my smaller irons to create my favorite Farrah Fawcett flicks.

The Bettjemans Permanent Blow Wave makes it all so easy & it really does change your hair…. & your life!!


  1. Hey, I’m really considering finding a salon that does this treatment, but was just wandering how much am I looking at spending for it? Thanks :)

  2. Costs depend on the length & thickness of the hair, as its more time consuming to apply the treatment to longer hair. The average cost for long hair is between $500-$600 at Bettjemans. it sounds expensive but you save so much money over the four month period that the treatment is in your hair as you need so little product to keep it looking good! Perhaps go to the ‘Kerastrait NZ’ website to find a salon that does the treatment near you. Thanks N

  3. The address of the website is www,

  4. Hi, I just had this treatment and am so far very happy with the results, I do however have one niggle….the shampoo and conditioner that I’m told I MUST use, to me, smells awful….my son tells me it smells of blue cheese! Are there any other shampoos/conditioners that I can use instead?

  5. Hi- Yes i agree that the shampoo smells awful, but your hair also tends to retain the smell of the Keratin product for a few weeks after the treatment which is also a bit yuck! Any shampoo without sulphate is fine to use. I have used Kevin Murphy & Pureology- both of these work well & smell lovely…! Enjoy. N ;)

  6. Sorry hit send to quick..Love the site and your blog, would you be interested in doing a guest post on our NZ site? We could exchange links and could talk about doing a monthly guest post? Our site is let me know if you are interested. thanks :)

  7. p.s the before and after shots of the blow wave looks amazing!

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