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27 Jul, 2010 Beauty Blog


The 1950s was an era when women never looked more glamorous and creating makeup looks from that period is one of my specialties! Makeup has come a long way since the 50s, back then foundation was pale & chalky, lipstick was thick & waxy & eyeshadow was literally painted on. One product that has endured from the 50′s through to today is liquid eyeliner, as a simple flick along the lash line adds instant glamour to the most natural of makeup looks. I constantly get asked what the best technique is to apply perfect liquid liner & I always say practice, but if you dont have twenty odd years spare to hone your craft, heres the cheats way to drawing the perfect line…

1 Start by applying a sheer powder eye shadow in tones of beige or cream over the whole eye area, as this evens out the skin tone & gives you a nice smooth palate to work on.

2 To make your job easier, create a template by drawing a line in the desired shape along the base of the lashes with a grey or brown eye pencil. If your line is crooked its easy to wipe pencil off with a cotton bud, whereas liquid liner leaves no room for mistakes!

3 Extend the line slightly beyond the eye area & finish if off with a gentle flick, taking care to keep both sides identical. This may take a few goes to get the perfect flick, as if its too low it can drag the eyes down, & if its too high you can end up looking like Endora from Bewitched!

4 Now for the fun part, take your liquid liner & starting from the inner corner of the eye, gently apply it following your pencil line, keeping the brush as close to the lashes as possible. Make sure you flick out the liner at the edge of the eye rather than ‘stopping short’ which looks harsh & unflattering.

5 Once the liner is dry you can draw over it again to smooth out any mistakes & if you need to soften the line, a touch of black eye shadow on a fine brush is a great way to fill in the gaps.

6 Finish off the eye with several coats of black mascara, taking care to layer the mascara while it is still wet, as this will create extra thick lashes. To give your 1950′s eye makeup a modern edge, wear it with a sheer & dewy foundation, a sweep of rosey blush & a berry stain on your lips. This look is fresh & pretty with a touch of vintage glamour, perfect for the new season ahead.


  • Liquid eye liner that comes in a tube with a brush is the best type to achieve a sharp line & perfect flick. My favorite brush liner is Lancome’s ‘Laque Liner’. The brush is very fine, allowing great control over your line, plus you only need one coat as the black is very intense (allowing no room for mistakes!)
  • I also love Loreals ‘Super Liner’ which is has a brush (or nib in this case) that works like a flexible felt tip. For those of you just starting out (& if you have trouble with a fine brush) this is a great option.
  • Smashbox do a fantastic liquid liner that literally goes on like a pen. The brush works just like a fine ‘Sharpie’ & you can pump extra ‘ink’ onto it by pressing the end of the applicator. This is truly a fantastic liner & I love it.
  • For a more natural line try Bobbi Browns ‘Gel Liner’. This comes in a small glass pot & you can apply it with the brush of your choice. The texture is more like nugget, so its easy to wipe off with a cotton bud if your line is wonky!
  • All these liners come in a range of colours, so if black is so dark for your coloring you can try a dark brown or aubergine toned liner for a more subtle finish.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing all your fabulous beauty tips. I loved reading your beauty blog and cant wait to try the makeup tips tonight!

  2. Thanks for the wonderful feedback! Keep an eye on my site as I will be posting lots more useful tips! Nikki

  3. Thank you so much! I love the 1950s style and have always wondered how to get the look, can’t wait to give it a go! Looking forward to your next beauty tip :o )

  4. Great Tip! loving your website and like Fiona cant wait for the next beauty tip!



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