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30 Aug, 2011 Beauty Blog


If I’ve told you once I’ve now told you four times that the Bettjemans Permanent Blow wave is a miracle! During the past fourteen months that I have been receiving this life changing Keratin treatment, I have seen it grow in popularity- so much so that in years to come Im sure women will no longer have to suffer the misery of frizzy hair.

So now I have had it done for a fourth time & I honestly cant see myself ever going back to struggling with my thick, curly mop in the same way ever again. I last had the Permanent Blow Wave in March this year & it lasted through a four month period, slowly wearing out of my hair so that my curls (& frizz) were well & truly ready to be tamed again. See the photo below left & you will see my hair in its raw state- desirable for some, yet anyone with a mop of curls will tell you they will try anything to control them!

The latest treatment is new & improved (yet again) & this time you can have the option of the ‘extra strength’ formula, which of course I chose. Yes, you still have to sit in the salon for nigh on three & a half hours, but the formula now gets washed out on the same day & your hair is then shampooed & blow dried so you can leave the salon with strait shiny locks. thats me in the centre shot, very happy driving home from Bettjemans.

The real reward comes when you first wash your hair, which you must do with the prescribed Kerastraight shampoo. Any other formula will strip your hair of precious Keratin, so dont be tempted to lather up with your favorite shampoo, as the frizzies will make an unwelcome return. I washed & conditioned my hair after three days, towel dried it & let the rest happen naturally. The result was soft shiny waves rather than bulky curl & best of all- no evil frizz. In fact I have to say that the extra strength formula has given me the best results yet (see slightly fuzzy Iphone shot far right for an indication of my new tresses)

The Permanent Blow Wave makes life so much easier as I never have to plan ‘good hair days’ that rely on the weather. As I write this its a drizzly, humid, late winter day in Auckland & If I didnt have the Keratin treatment my hair would be a nightmare. But I dont have to worry about it…. for the next four months I can kiss the frizzies goodbye.

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  1. That’s obviously an amazing hair treatment and you look fab, but isn’t it Soooo true that we always want what we can’t easily have.. lol!! I’d love to have the hair curl/volume as shown on your ‘before’ photo… :)

  2. Thanks for your comment Sarah, I do like my curls, but only on the days when they are not out of control! Thats the great thing about Kerastraight, you still have the body & curl but without the ‘frizz’. The perfect combo.

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