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Goodbye Frizz

29 Jul, 2010 Beauty Blog
Goodbye Frizz

I have a love hate relationship with my natural hair which is super thick & ultra curly so when I heard about a ‘permanent blow wave’ that smoothes & relaxes the hair it sounded too good to be true!

This particular treatment that is offered at Bettjemans salon was originally developed in Brazil, which makes sense, as South American hair is notoriously coarse & difficult to manage without loads of product & heat (not unlike my own). As all curly headed women will attest to, our sort of hair can be very weather dependent & if there is any degree of dampness or humidity in the atmosphere its ‘hello frizzies!’ On the days when my curls are soft & shiny its generally a sunny, dry day & I will have spent over half an hour washing, conditioning & styling my hair with at least three different leave in products as without them I easily look like Im headed to Woodstock (in the worst way possible…)

Needless to say two months ago I walked into Bettjemans slightly sceptical that anything could tame my hair beyond an hours blow drying & ironing.

My treatment began with a serious shampoo to open up my hair cuticle & make it thirsty for moisture. My stylist Steph then dried my locks into a massive frizz-bomb, followed by the application of the magical creme that was going to change my hair texture. The product went on & was left to absorb for fifteen minutes or so & then my hair was dried again. Now came the painstaking part, as very small sections of my hair were taken & ironed flat a total of 10 times each, so after several hours I had dead flat & heavily moisturized hair.

The trick with the Permanent Blow wave Is that for the next 72 hours your hair has to remain poker straight… & that means no pony, no clips or headbands & you are not even allowed to put it behind your ears as this can put a ‘bend’ in the cuticle. By monday I felt pretty frustrated with the whole process & quite frankly- very nervous to wash my hair & see the results… what if all the curls came back!!! Upon rinsing my hair I was instantly amazed with how it felt, as it simply did not feel like my familiar mop. I used the prescribed ‘Kerastraight’ shampoo & conditioner, (with no Sodium Chloride) then sat in the sun to dry my hair naturally, sans leave in product, which is unheard of for me.

The results????? Smooth, soft & shiny waves with no frizz. I feel like I have half the hair I used to have in the best way possible, as I no longer have that heavy bulk of curl. My hair is super soft & in the best condition of its life. I only have to run my GHDs through the top section to make it straight, or I can easily activate the curls with tongs or rollers. I would throughly recommend this process to anyone with thick curly hair as it cuts down all that extra time spent in the mirror applying products, blow drying & ironing- plus it lasts for at least four months.

To put it simply, its a MIRACLE!



  1. Thanks for filling me in on Kerastrait. Im calling Bettjemans asap!

  2. I have heard of this, but to have you recommend it has convinced me to book in and give it a try(on the heels of another wet/frizzy day in auckland). Many thanks

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