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Heres an update on some of the latest products that I am currently enjoying!

* Bobbi Brown High Shimmer Lip Gloss

Now heres a lipgloss that is hard to resist… Rich creamy & long lasting, with an easy to use rubber tip applicator. In the past Bobbis Lip glosses have had a brush on the end of the applicator & I always found that it feathered over time making it difficult to use. The new wand is a great innovation & I love the way it glides on. The colours are gorgeous as they are sheer & sparkly with just enough colour to brighten your lips. Im loving Bellini (a soft sheer baby pink) & Bare Sparkle (a clear & glittery gloss). See above pic! RRP $50.

* No Bleeding Lips

While we are on the subject of lips I have to tell you about this cool new product called No Bleeding Lips, also known as the secret lip liner. This product looks exactly like your regular lip liner with the exception of being clear with no colour. To use it you simply draw a line around your lips & then apply your lipstick of choice.’ No Bleeding lips’ will help to fill in the fine lines around your mouth & it will also stop your lipstick from running & bleeding. This product is perfect for older women who suffer from vertical lines around the lips, as it creates a defined edge for your lipstick. Its also great for younger girls that want to wear all those day glow bright lip colours for the summer, as it really does make your lipstick last! You can get NBL at your pharmacy for around $29.

* Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream

This cream is inspired by the hugely popular Ultra Facial Moisturizer, which is one of Kiehls top selling products. I am a lover of the moisturizer because it is instantly absorbed into the skin, preparing it beautifully for foundation. The Ultra Facial Cream is similar to the moisturizer, but has a light & creamy texture that feels very silky on the skin. Amazingly enough this cream was expedition tested by members of the ‘Greenland First Ascent’ team while they were scaling the peaks of the Earths largest island… if there was ever a reason to take a good moisturizer along, that would have to be it! This cream is perfect for post winter skin that needs to be plumped up & hydrated in preparation for summer.

* Clinique Repairwear Intensive Eye Cream

I have had Cliniques new eye cream sitting on my desk by my computer for the past month or so, which is a good way to remember to use it. I was starting to think that there was no hope for the dryness (yes, I mean wrinkles!) under my eyes, then after a week of applying this intensive eye cream, I really started to notice a difference. Sure, the lines are still there but because they are well ‘moisturized’ they are less visible. This anti aging cream is rich, potent & full of antioxidants so you only need a small amount.

* OLE-Up Daily Immune support

The lovely Lani Lopez has recently formulated this product for daily immune support which is largely made from Olive Leaf Extract. The reason I want to tell you about it is because I have just experienced my first winter ever without a cold or the flu & OLE-Up is the reason for my renewed good health. I take one of Lanis magic green pills daily (with food) & up my dosage when Im really busy or feeling low. Its not often that you find a supplement that really works & I want to share with the world the wonders of OLE-Up. You can order it online at & a courier pack will arrive on your door the next day.

* Cetaphil Restoraderm

Im a long time lover of Cetaphil cleanser due to its mildness & simplicity, so I was interested to try their new range called Restoraderm. If you think that regular Cetaphil is mild then you have to try Restoraderm, as it is specifically formulated for Eczema prone skin. The body cleanser is a soap free foaming wash that helps to sooth itchiness & reduce redness, dryness & irritation. This cleanser has virtually no fragrance & is super creamy on the skin so it really feels like its doing its job well!  Follow this with the Restoraderm moisturizer that is also perfume free & is instantly absorbed, helping to restore moisture & rebuild the damaged skin barrier. I highly recommend Restoraderm for kids with itchy Eczema as its so soothing.


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