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26 Oct, 2011 Beauty Blog


No makeup job is complete without mascara, in fact a good mascara can be so effective, that a wave of the wand is all you require to make up your eyes.  With so many mascaras on the market you wouldnt think it would be so hard to find the perfect one for you, yet so many of my friends (& readers) constantly complain that they cant find a mascara that delivers. To make that process easier I have recently been testing some new (& not so new) mascaras to see which ones work the best. My main aim has been to find an effective mascara that wont break the bank- here are the results.

This new mascara from the Volum’ Express collection gives matte black lashes that that literally look false. When I tried this product I immediately loved the brush, which is slightly
curved, making application really easy. It is VERY black in colour & adds lots of length & volume, so this mascara would be great for someone with fine lashes that really need definition. It washes off really easily (always a pre requisite of mine!) & feels comfortable on the eyes. Unfortunately I had a slight allergy to this formulation, but I have very sensitive eyes.
This mascaras formula is infused with Pro-Vitamin B5 & it has a unique S-shaped brush with criss-crossed bristles that simultaneously lengthen & add volume. It promises lashes that will be 70% longer with 80% more volume, yet I didnt think it was as effective as ‘The Falsies’. However this is a great mascara for very fine or short lashes, as you can build up length & definition by layering the product, as the brush separates while adding volume.
L’oreal’s latest mascara really does deliver the results & is my personal favorite out of all the mascaras I tried. For years I was a fan of Loreal mascara until all their best ones were discontinued & I felt the new versions were never as good. Lash Architect 4D gave me everything I was looking for; it added instant length & volume without being clumpy, it provided long, dark lashes that looked dramatic (while still quite natural) & it washed off really easily without any sensitivity. This mascara has a long wand with a bulky handle which initially seemed awkward to use, yet I quickly go used to it. It has become my new personal favorite & comes highly recommended.
I would have to say that the Lancome ‘Hypnose’ range of mascaras are the best quality you can buy & well worth the extra money spent. Their latest & greatest is the wonderfully effective ‘Doll Eyes’ which creates a wide-eyed, spiky lashed look. The difference with this new mascara is the amazing conical shaped brush, which is thick at one end, narrowing down to a fine point  making it perfect for precision work, particularly if you want to enhance your lower lashes. I found that it separated my eyelashes to perfection & had zero clumping, yet didnt add quite the amount of thickness & length that Lash Architect did. I loved the handle & the brush which made Doll Eyes very easy to apply- plus removal was no problem. Definitely my favorite luxury mascara.
Im generally not a fan of waterproof mascara as it is so difficult to remove, however there is always a reason to use it, eg- A Day at the Beach, The Big Day Out, or your Wedding day! I liked Loreals new waterproof version as unlike so many others it didnt dry & flake on the lashes & it didn’t clump upon application. This mascaras round brush is also an ideal shape as it makes application quick & easy, adding volume & length with a smudge-proof finish. Also available in regular non-waterproof formula.
I also love Bobbi Browns ‘Extreme Party Mascara’ as it adds length & volume, but like all Bobbis products, it looks quite natural on the lashes. I also enjoy using her ‘Everything Mascara’ as it never smudges or clumps & to take your mascara off you must try Bobbis ‘Instant Long-Wear Makeup Remover, my current favorite.
  • The above photo is courtesy of ‘WORLD’ from the NZFW show. Just for the record, thats a double set of false lashes that I applied to her eyes!


  1. Hi i read this article on mascaras but wanted some advice i really want a cost effective mascara that stays put and creates a beautiful false lash effect with volume and curl. If there any such product? Any advice would be appreciated.

  2. Hi Rebecca. This a a question that I always get asked so I am constantly researching mascara looking for the perfect formulation! So far the Loreal Lash Architect 4D is the winner as it gives full, long lashes with good separation, plus its well priced. The next best cheap mascaras are Maybelline & they have many to choose from- its just a case of trying them out. However I am always looking for a better mascara so please let me know if you find one!

  3. Hi I’m in a jam u see I curl my eyelashes with a spoon yes u read rite a spoon well my problem is I have been using loreal lashout waterproof mascara for as long as I canremember now I can’t find it anywhere I’ve tried others but here is my other problem when I apply any other mascara my lashes don’t stay curled even if I use a regular curler the only one that worked was the loreal mascara I don’t understand what’s that one thing that one has that the others lack help please

  4. Hi. According to google it seems that Lashout is still available in the States. You can buy it on several sites including ebay. I would suggest that since that mascara works for you that you stick with Loreal- who always do awesome mascaras. Lash Architect 4D (which I love ) has a waterproof version so maybe try that?? Its all a case of trial & error with mascara… Oh & I have heard of the Spoon Curling technique- glad its working for you! ;)

  5. I am loving the new Dior Mascara. About $60 but worth every penny!

  6. I have heard that the new Dior is great. My mum has been using it & she has short lashes that look fantastic after application. This mascara has a very generous brush that is good for separation.

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