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31 Mar, 2014 Beauty Blog


It doesnt matter where I am…. on a shoot, at a party or in the supermarket, I always end up with someone confronting me with a makeup question. Here a few that I have listed which I think might be helpful to all you beauty fans. Please feel free ask me any questions (just pop them in the comment box) as I try my best to solve all makeup dilemmas!

  • How can I get my liquid eyeliner to look like it does in the magazines? ie, not crooked!  The secret is to draw the line first using an eye pencil & once you have the desired shape you can use this line as a template on which to draw your liquid line…. easy.
  • Why does my cream blush go on all patchy?  The reason will be that you are applying cream blush onto a dry surface & it is ‘grabbing’ the skin & creating an uneven finish. Only use cream blush over tinted moisturizer, BB/CC Cream or liquid foundation, as it needs a dewy surface to be effective.
  • My mascara always looks gluggy on my lashes- no matter how expensive it is!  You are probably letting your mascara dry between coats & this will be causing it to look dry & clumpy. Always layer mascara while it is still wet, as this builds up length & thickness without the clump.
  • Why is my foundation the wrong colour when I tested it on my hand & it matched my skin?  The skin on your hand is entirely different in texture & colour to the skin on your face. Always test foundation on your cheek or jaw…. the colour you DONT see will be the correct tone.
  • My face always goes orange when I apply fake tan, especially round my eyebrows….  Never apply fake tan to your face, as its simply too risky. Its very easy to make your face look tanned with the use of a warm toned tinted moisturizer or BB Cream. Plus this will wash off at the end of the day- fake tan just wears off in patches!
  • Why does my foundation never look smooth & even? I have a question back for this one…. ‘When is the last time you exfoliated??’ If the answer is ‘ages ago’ then thats the reason your makeup isnt gliding on smoothly. Cleanse & moisturize well every night & exfoliate at least once a week & you will amazed at how much better your makeup will look. If your skin is dry it also helps to apply moisturizer right before your foundation to prep & hydrate the skin.
  • My concealer always settles into my crows feet & I use a really good brand!  It doesnt matter what the brand is, when concealer is applied onto the outer edges of the eye it has no where to go but into the wrinkles. Only apply concealer on the dark inner corners of the eye & blend it out halfway along the lower eye area, that way you will brighten up the eyes without bringing attention to fine lines.
  • Why does my red lipstick always run into the vertical lines around my mouth? There are ways to stop lipstick bleeding, the most popular being a good lip primer & the use of a pencil first. However…. Red lipstick brings attention to your mouth so if you are conscious of wrinkles around your lips I suggest you go for a more natural & flattering lip colour.
  • Why does my eye pencil always smudge up onto my brow bone? This is something that happens to a certain eye shape, especially an eyelid that is slightly hooded. To make your pencil last longer, apply it across the eye as desired & then ‘seal’ it with an eyeshadow of a similar colour buy applying the powder shadow directly over the pencil line.
  • I want to try Mineral Powder but I dont know how to use it… The key to getting a good finish with mineral powder is to use it over a well moisturized face, as if your skin is too dry the powder will ‘sit’ on the surface rather than ‘melt’ into the skin. Use a round Kabuki style brush & swirl it round into your powder, knock of any excess product- then apply it directly to your face using circular movements. You can build more coverage by simply applying another layer of powder which provides a lovely satiny finish.

If you have a burning beauty question, pop it in the comment box & Ill get back to you! Nikki x

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  1. How do I stop my eye pencil from smudging! Thanks

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