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JLo’s Glow

29 Feb, 2012 Beauty Blog
JLo’s Glow

I have loved Jennifer Lopez forever, especially in her early movies like ‘Out of sight‘ with George Clooney & ‘U Turn‘ with Sean Penn. Both of these movies really made me take notice of her & since then- even though I have questioned some of her husband choices & never bought her music- I have avidly followed her style

In U Turn she plays an American Indian girl with bronzed skin & strait black long hair parted in the middle & held back with two bobby pins- a bit like an early Cher. In Out of Sight she is strong & sexy wearing smart suits, brown hair & deep red lips.  Then came Monster in Law in 2005 & by then she was a superstar & shone alongside legendary Jane Fonda- another one of my favorites. I simply loved her style in that movie; boho smock tops & cut off denims, head scarfs, hoop earrings & broderie anglaise. A hippy 70′s feel with a modern twist plus of course her beautiful fresh bronzy makeup & glossy lips.

She simply never gets it wrong & watching her this week at the Oscars in all her golden glory just confirmed to me what an amazing style icon she is. Even though she is always so supremely glamorous, she still keeps it simple. If she wears a metallic dress, she keeps her makeup neural & clean then if her jewellery is the focus you can be sure that her hair is sleek. Good styling (& good makeup) is all about balance & the key is not to overdo it.

Every time I study Jennifers makeup I cant fault it & If I was to have her in my makeup chair there is very little that I would do differently. Of course it helps that she has gorgeous olive skin & perfect features, but I guarentee that JLo would look just as bleary as any of us first thing in the morning. In fact I was almost happy to see some fine lines around her eyes in a recent close up photo, as it showed me that shes human after all.

I’ve seen plenty of stunning celebrities & models who are almost unrecognizable before hair & makeup, (not to mention what the photographs look like before they are retouched..) so trust me, there is hope for all of us- all it takes is a wave of the magic makeup wand & a bit of inspiration from JLo!



  1. I also have admired JLO’s style over the years and everything you said I agree with !!!!!!!!!!

  2. She’s a very stylish girl hey, Nik? xx

  3. Amazing how she has changed over the years yet always inspiring to see women looking their best in their 40′s!

  4. Great beauty blog Nikki – I particularly enjoy JLO’s style on American Idol. Each week of the series she never fails to amaze me with her natural beauty, hair and makeup and gorgeous clothes.

  5. I agree Maria. I often think of the amount of effort that must go into every look…. hours of hair & makeup as well as styling her clothes & accessories. No wonder Marc Anthony got ditched!

  6. Totally Aggre. I love how she takes risks with her red carpet fashion and always looks amazing.

  7. Nikki what is the best way or best product to get a bit of that Jlo-glow?

  8. My current favorite product for glowing cheeks is Bobbi Browns Shimmer Brick in ‘Bronze’. It has a lovely subtle shimmer & good depth of colour. You can also use the shimmer brick as an eye shadow so its a good all round product for the price (about $90). If you are pale in skin tone there is also a ‘Rose’ shimmer brick.

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