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21 Nov, 2013 Beauty Blog


My beauty tip this week is all about something you can do for yourself that costs nothing but some time. Curious? well put on your sneakers, head out the door & pound the pavement for awhile- then let me know how good you feel afterwards. There is nothing better for a womans body & mind than some healthy aerobic exercise & it really is such an easy thing to do!

I have to confess to being a lazy teenager exercise wise, then in my twenties I wasn’t much better. I used to desperately try & be a ‘runner’ but that never worked for me, as no matter how regularly I ran I never seemed to get any better at it- or any fitter. Just red faced & nauseous! It wasn’t until I was fast approaching thirty that I really discovered how good it felt to be fit & this happened for me while I was working as a makeup artist in Melbourne. I would spend days upon days walking for miles doing go-sees while hauling around my portfolio. It got easier as the weeks progressed & before I knew it I was heading out voluntarily each morning in my new Nikes aiming for the steepest streets. This became a habit (or you could say a healthy addiction!) that I have never broken since then.

These days I mix up my power walking with two or three days a week at the gym, as I think weights & resistance training is great for women as we get older. There are so many reasons to exercise, the obvious ones being that it tones your body & keeps your heart healthy, but I love what it does for your mind. I swear that if you are feeling blue, a brisk walk in the fresh air gets those feel good endorphins pumping, then you can face the day with a positive attitude. Walking is also great for your circulation, sending blood to your extremities & rosiness to your cheeks, giving you that healthy glow that we continually try & achieve with makeup!

If you would like to be fitter, or just feel more vital, get walking. You dont have to start with a trek up the steepest street, in fact its important to begin slowly & build up your strength day by day. Even a mere fifteen minute jaunt round the neighbourhood is way more beneficial to your body than just doing nothing. Of course if you have a dog looking at you with eyes full of longing they will love you forever if you take them for a walk, but be prepared to keep it up as dogs never forget.

If Im ever feeling lazy I recall a quote that I read many years ago in Allure magazine; ‘Remember that no matter how bad you feel before a workout, you will feel so much better afterwards’. Words of wisdom I reckon.


  1. Great advice Nikki if only we all would follow it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I forgot to mention all the calories that get burnt up during a 45 minute, hard walk. Guilt free eating for the rest of the day!

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