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My favorite Mascara

25 Jun, 2012 Beauty Blog
My favorite Mascara


I am forever testing mascaras & no matter what brand or price, they all offer something different. I have written several other blogs about what mascaras to use & my most recent, The best Mascaras was the result of me testing as many different brands that I could get my hands on & seeing how I liked them. Since then I have had a variety of wands in my kit & through trial & error I have finally settled on a great all round mascara that I can happily recommend without pause.

Bobbi Browns ‘Everything Mascara’ is definitely one of the best on the market. I have tested it at work on several models & presenters with constantly stunning results. It offers length, separation & fullness, with absolutely no clumping. This is not an ‘instant’ mascara, as you need to take time (& care) when applying it. The formulation of Bobbis mascara is quite wet, (which is why it doesnt clump) but this means that you need to slowly build up volume by layering the mascara before it dries. I know I sound like a broken record as I mention this rule in all my blogs, but it really is the tip to remember.

I find that some mascaras wands are so clumsy that they make application really awkward, but this one comes in a sleek black tube with an easy to use handle. The brush is large & quite fluffy which is always the best shape to create killer lashes. I also love how it washes off really easily without dragging on the eyes.

Bobbis other winner is the ‘Lash Glamour Extreme’ lengthening mascara (see image below). This one offers all the advantages of Everything Mascara but the brush is smaller & finer so its actually better for separation.  Once again it requires a building process to be really effective, but all great things require a bit of work & lushious lashes are no exception. My mum loves this particular mascara & she has quite fine lashes that need extra length, so its perfect for her.


All Bobbis mascaras retail for around $57 dollars & I find that if you use a good mascara daily it should be effective for at least three months. Thats only about $4.50 a week- the price of a coffee. Batt your lashes at that!!


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