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Athletic Makeup!

19 Aug, 2012 Beauty Tips
Athletic Makeup!


Going to the gym & wearing makeup dont naturally go together, but a light application of the right cosmetics can stop you looking like a washed out rag while striding away on the treadmill! I just completed a Good Morning segment about ‘Athletic make up’ & showed the viewers various products that are quick & easy to use, producing natural results. This is the type of makeup you can do in less than five minutes before you head out the door- just enough to add that feel good factor to your day!


Dont bother with foundation & concealer, just apply BB Cream in a colour that suits your skin. They usually come in light, medium & dark tones, so choose the one that disappears when you test it to your cheek. BB Cream is like a tinted moisturizer (with a minimal coverage) plus sunscreen, so its very light on the skin, allowing it to breathe if you are exercising. Im currently using Clinique & Bobbi Brown BB Creams in my makeup kit.

If you want a little extra coverage you can dust on some mineral powder, this will mattify the skin & create a lovely satiny finish. Mineral powder is a natural product, so it doesnt clog pores, making it the perfect touch up product when you are on the run. I love Elizabeth Ardens Pure Finish loose mineral powder.


Keep it simple with a light powder bronzer like Bobbi Browns in ‘Golden Light’. Use a large blusher brush & dust it across your cheeks & brow bones for an instant hit of colour. For your lashes apply a quick flick of brown mascara, or alternatively, get your lashes tinted so you will always look like you have ‘something’ on your eyes. If you are fair you can get your brows tinted too- it makes a huge difference to your face when you are not wearing eye makeup.


You cant beat clear gloss & my favorite is Lucas Paw Paw ointment. This is something I have in all my makeup bags & its only about $10 in the pharmacy. For a little colour grab a MAC or Bobbi lip gloss as they are super moisturizing with a hint of colour.





  1. Hi Nikki , what brand was the double ended mascara you showed this morning. Enjoying you on the Good Morning Show.

  2. Estee Lauders new ‘Sumptuous Two Tone eye opening mascara’. it very good! Thanks Glenda ;)

  3. Love your segments Nikki and I loved Monday’s as it looked so natural and being an older woman I think it is more important than ever to not look as if i am wearing loads of make up. I did try a BB cream L”Oreal but it came out orangy colour on me as I am very fair is that likely to happen with others as in clinique ? I don’t want to waste too much money on trying them and it is hard to tell in shop under those lights and also straight away. I love Bobbi Brown but there is no where to buy it up here on the Kapiti Coast. Thank you for your great segment

  4. Hi Merrell, perhaps you can try online to buys these products? Thanks for your great feedback.

  5. Some great feedback-

    Hi Nikki

    I wrote to you about Bb cream and have subsequently got it and totally love it use it every day and wonder how i did without it thank you so much. I am never sure if I should use moisturiser with it or without it but do both, some days yes some no . Hope you are going to be on Good Morning this coming year albeit is a shorter programme if not will just frequent your web site.

    Regards Merrell

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