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19 Aug, 2013 Beauty Blog


If anyone ever asks me what my favorite moisturizer is, I answer with no hesitation- Clinique Dramatically Different. If I was to tell you how long I have been using this simple yet brilliant pale yellow lotion you would be amazed… so here goes!

My mum first bought Clinique on our trip to the States way back in 1976, in fact she bought the entire famous three step skincare range which was then the Clinique soap, Clarifying Lotion & Dramatically Different Moisturizer. By the time I was old enough to sample some skincare I naturally turned to my mums bathroom shelf & slathered on the DDM. The rest is history & thirty odd years later it is still my go-to product. I have tried so many other moisturizers & many have been fabulous, but for my fussy, sensitive skin, DDM is always the one that calms, moisturizes & comforts me!

So then a few months ago I found out at a Clinique event that my beloved DDM was getting a makeover. Naturally I was a little worried, as any beauty addict will have a tale to tell about their favorite product being either discontinued or altered, so much so that they have to buy up all the old stock they can find! So when I received my new “Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion +” I had to do a double take as it looked the same, (except for the ‘plus’ sign on the bottle) smelt the same & felt exactly the same on my skin- however there have been a few major changes in the formulation & they are all for the good.

The new & improved DDM has a few new ingredients to make it even more moisturizing, penetrating the skin even more deeply than before. It still absorbs very quickly, but after a few weeks of using it (especially in the middle of winter) I felt like my skin was more intensely hydrated than it had been with the old formulation. To learn more about whats gone into the new DDM read my friend Jenna Moore’s blog over on Gems of Georgeousness.

I have always been a Clinique fan & I truly trust their products. if you are too, please post a comment & let me know what you think of this fabulous new version of an old classic. Its on counter now for only $69


  1. I love Clinique DDM & have been using it for ten years. I will look forward to trying this new version. Thanks for the info Nikki!

  2. DDM is a marvelous product and can be used with confidence by all skin types.

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