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15 Aug, 2010 Beauty Blog

Great eyebrows are a number one beauty asset & from a makeup artists point of view, nothing beats a beautifully arched brow. Eyebrows are important, as not only do they frame your face, they also express your emotions & ultimately balance your features. Recent decades have seen eyebrows go from thick & unruly in the 80′s through to dramatically arched during the 90′s, but thankfully today you only need to glance at the fashion pages to see that thicker brows are back & the shape of the moment requires a minimum of plucking.


-A great way to darken your brows is to use a matte brown eye shadow & a short firm brush with an angled tip. This technique provides a much more natural finish than a pencil (which always tends to ‘grab’ the brows) & is perfect for filling in gaps. I have used Elizabeth Ardens brow kit in ‘Sable’ for as long as I can remember… Its a small palate with a brilliantly versatile matte brown shadow that seems to suit everyone from blondes through to brunettes. It comes with a small brush, but I have a fabulous MAC brow brush that is easier to use as it has a longer handle.

-For stubborn or extra thick brows that wont stay put, spritz some hairspray onto an eyebrow brush or dry mascara wand & then run it across your eyebrows to ensure a smooth arch. In the summertime a dab of Vaseline or Lucas Paw Paw ointment can also work wonders to help keep brows in place, while keeping them healthy & glossy. I LOVE Lucas Paw Paw & will have to dedicate a whole blog to this wonder product!!!

-Tinting your brows is a great way to add definition & its easy to do yourself. Buy an eyelash dye kit from any pharmacy , mix up the solution according to the instructions & apply the tint using a small brush. The longer you leave the tint on, the darker the result & it lasts for at least three weeks.

-When plucking your brows, never remove the hairs above your browline, as this instantly takes away the natural line & drags your eyes downward (rather then creating the desired ‘lift’).

-Always remember that constant plucking will eventually stunt the growth of your eyebrows, so its important to be happy with the shape before you get too keen with the tweezers!


  1. What great eyebrow tips. After living through the 70′s when the fad for minimal eyebnrows was the fashion I am now left with little growth and your tips are a great help for me. Fabulous website – THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lovely to meet you today and thank you so much for the great perfect eyebrow tips! I’m off to buy a MAC brow brush and brow kit. Love the website :-)

  3. Thanks for the great feedback & stay tuned for more ‘helpful tips’!!

  4. Oooo I do love your work. Great writing and lovely website. You converted me to Liz Arden sable!! Am going to try Latisse soon to see if it can grow overplucked 90s brows back. Fingers crossed…

  5. Thanks Sarah! My mum has been using Lilash (similar to Latisse) & her lashes have doubled in thickness & length… quite remarkable!

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