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I have just come back from a month at my family beach house on Aucklands West Coast- hence my lack of regular blogging… sorry readers! Summer is a great time for me to sample all the new products that I have lined up on my desk, especially body moisturizers- as the combination of sun & surf can really dehydrate your skin.

The product I most want to share with you is from an Australian natural skincare company called Sukin. I always like to read labels & ingredients lists on any product Im about to try & often the names are unrecognizable not to mention unpronounceable! Sukins ‘Hydrating Body Lotion’ contains all the good stuff, like Shea butter, Avocado oil, Jojoba, Sesame seed & Vitamin E oil to name just a few. Then there is the list of ‘No’s’ & that includes No Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, No Synthetic fragrances or artificial colours, No harsh detergents & No Animal derivatives (or testing). This is one incredibly natural moisturizer, so does it work? Well my bottle of Sukin is empty as my family used it all up in a matter of weeks!

Upon application (from an easy to use pump bottle) Sukin moisturizer is quite thick in texture & takes a bit of rubbing in, but it soon disappears into the skin leaving a smooth finish that is never greasy. I used it every day on my arms for a week & I swear it made a difference to the texture of my skin. It also very pleasing to the senses, with subtle hints of tangerine, grapefruit & vanilla-summery & fresh without being too flowery or feminine (men like to use it too!).

If your skin is extra dry or rough there is also Sukins Purifying Body Scrub, which is perfect to use once or twice a week to slough away dead skin cells. I found it to be a very gentle yet effective exfoliant that you can use all over your body & once again it contains a long list of natural ingredients that include crushed Bamboo & Walnut. It also has that same divine citrus scent as the moisturizer which is an added bonus.

I always expect good natural products to be pricey, but I was thrilled to learn that both these Sukin products are only $15.50. Get them at Any Health 2000 store or purchase them Online . Ill have to go & buy some more!!


  1. A lovely comment from Angela-
    I always read your blog & your product recommendations always end up being the best! thank you Nikki

  2. A lovely comment from Angela-

    Hi, I regularly read your blog & your product recommendations always end up being the best! Thanks so much Nikki ;)

  3. I have used Sukin Shampoo & Conditioner – its an excellent product & so cheap.

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