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25 Aug, 2010 Beauty Blog

No matter what your age, pimples or acne are skin problems that are embarrassing to live with. If you suffer from acne Рor even just frequent breakouts- the first step to a clear complexion would be to make an appointment with a reputable skin specialist. Because acne is invariably hormonal, its wise to leave its treatment to the  experts rather then trying to cure it yourself.


-Blemish prone skin is often highly sensitive, so be careful to use a mild skincare range rather then rich creams & cleansers than can tend to overfeed the skin. I love Cetaphil Cleanser as it is super mild & removes makeup without leaving any oily residue.

-Stay away from highly fragranced products & alcohol based toners, as they will only serve to irritate blemishes, making covering them more difficult.

-Take care to keep your brushes & sponges clean, as bacteria tends to build up on your makeup tools which then gets transfered to the skin, causing more problems!

-Hiding pimples with layers of thick foundation will actually bring attention to them, particularly if you use a shade that is too light or dark. Foundation should blend invisibly into the skin if its the correct colour tone.


When concealing skin blemishes (or Zits..!) always apply a light liquid foundation first to even out the skin tone and then with a small brush (or your fingertips) lightly dab concealer directly onto the pimple, gently blending out the edges to avoid a ‘polka dot’ effect. Take care to select a concealer that is the same colour as your skin as if it is too light it will only enhance the blemish. I love Bobbi Brown concealers as they never look dry or cakey & because the colours are yellow based they always blend seamlessly into the skin. A good foundation for all skin types is Loreals True Match. I use this for all my work as it has a buildable texture & leaves a smooth, translucent finish.

Once you have applied a good base & your skin tone has been evened out, take care to keep the rest of your makeup as neutral as possible, as pink blushers or red lips will bring attention to blemishes. Dust a light mineral powder blush over your cheeks & make the most of your eyes with lashings of mascara & a flick of coloured eyeliner in aqua or mauve- as bringing attention to your eyes will help to detract from problem skin.

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  1. Your tips are great & I love this site! Please let us know about new products on the market as I value your expert opinion. Thanks.

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