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18 Aug, 2014 Beauty Blog


My recent blog about what was in my Beauty Bag attracted loads of feedback & I have had so many emails from women wanting more information about how to wear makeup & what to buy. There was one particular email that I received from a woman in Christchurch that reminded me about how hard it can be to get your makeup looking perfect when you are over 50. Her questions were so interesting that I thought I needed to share the answers with you all…. Heres her story:

Hi Nikki, basically Im looking for some objective & informed help with my makeup. Im 54 & its so much harder as you get older to wear makeup & not look ‘made-up’. I long for those heavy smokey eyes that my 21 year old daughter wears, but I think that boat has sailed for me! I like makeup, have good eyes, few wrinkles (courtesy of oily skin) crap everything else facially (sad but true) Im keen to update my look but Im aware at my age that I have to be careful. Im keen for advice & would be so grateful if you could help me with some random, middle aged queries…So here goes:

  • I use MAC eye liner on the waterline inside my top eyelid. I used to do the bottom lid too but Im probably a bit too old for this now. Should I still wear any at all? 
  • Drawing a dark pencil line along & under the upper lid is a great way to make your eye lashes appear longer & this is something you can do at any age. The inner/lower rim is a bit more tricky as a dark line can tend to close in your eyes (especially if they are small to start with). I recommend that you try a coloured kohl pencil on the water line, such as a jade green or teal, as this really helps to brighten up the whole face while giving neutral eye makeup a boost of colour. My favorite coloured pencil is Minted by MAC.
  • I usually wear eye pencil along my top lid, something smudged close to my eyelashes in black, khaki or brown. Is this still OK & do I start at the inside corner & work my way out or do I begin the line halfway (I read that somewhere!)
  • When applying liner to the top lid, start at the very inner corner & draw very lightly, getting thicker as you move across the lid. You should then taper it off into a subtle flick, following the line of the eye. For a softer more natural look, you can smudge the line with an eye shadow in a similar shade.
  • Is eyeshadow still a goer? I sometimes wonder whether the brown I tend to wear is too heavy… plus how should one apply eye shadow to counter sags below & above the eye?
  • Eye shadow is relevant at any age, but its important to choose a flattering shade that brightens the eyes. Brown is universal, but take care to choose a warm chocolate shade that compliments pink & peach blusher, as these tones all add life to the face. Too much eye shadow can enhance sags & bags so only use it sparingly. Cream shadows are a great alternative to powder & you can keep it easy by just using one shade across the lid in a soft taupe, then add intensity with a pencil & mascara.
  • My foundation starts to slide off my face mis morning because of my oily T Zone. Ive heard good things about mineral powder- can I put this over my foundation for work during the week? I dont want to end up with crevices on my face or look aged.
  • The key to lasting makeup is the use of a good primer. Applying a primer under your foundation creates a lovely smooth surface on the skin, literally filling in pores & helping to disguise lines- I love Clinique Superprimer for this purpose. If you have an oily T-Zone then mineral foundation like Osmosis would suit your skin type. You can use mineral makeup on its own- simply dust over the top of moisturizer, or you can apply it over liquid foundation for a perfectly flawless finish that should last the distance.
  • Bronzer or blusher? Whats the difference & which should I use & how?
  • There is no real difference in the consistency of blusher & bronzer, but a good quality bronzer will help to give your face an instant tan, or also work as an effective contouring makeup. I often combine the two products by using a powder bronzer along & under the cheekbone to create shape, then I apply a warm blush in rose or peach to the apple of the cheek for a flush of youthful colour. Avoid bronzers that are too orange or shimmery (instantly aging!) & always choose a blusher that looks natural, like rosy browns or peaches rather than bright pink or orange!
  • Lips. I have thin lips (think letterbox- a bit harsh but hardly Angelina Jolie) Should I opt for a lighter lipstick or just coloured gloss.
  • Lipstick brings attention to the mouth, adding definition & colour, so if you dont particularly love your lips then play up your eyes & cheeks. Even small lips can do with a touch of colour, but stay away from pinks & reds & go for the soft neutral tones that Bobbi Brown is famous for. Colours like Blush & Brownie are a shade or two darker than your natural lips & look great with a corresponding gloss.
PS -thanks to Belinda Bradley for the fab shot of her daughter McKenzie whos makeup & hair I did for her school ball x


  1. Brilliant Nikki x

  2. Read this lovely feedback from Claire, the lady who sent me the email;

    Thanks for this Nikki! Its fantastic & is exactly the sort of thing I was looking for. I think advice re specific products & colour is absolutely invaluable. Ive bought my Osmosis mineral powder in ‘natural light’, plus Osmosis south beach bronzer, brown eye pencil (so soft!) along with my Clinique CC Cream & some other bits & pieces you recommend- Im starting to feel like a new woman! Thanks for your help. Im am sure there must be plenty of other women like me who need a bit of a steer & love to get independent advice from an expert. Much Appreciated!

  3. Thanks Nikki – on your recommendation I now use primer and mineral powder and my skin always looks good – I only use foundation or concealer on my under eye area.

  4. Thats great to hear Anna. Its nice to know that my recommendations work! xx

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