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Looking fantastic in photos doesn’t just come down to good lighting & luck… a great makeup job is the secret! Hiring a professional makeup artist to work their magic for that extra special occasion will ultimately give you the best results, but if you are keen to create a photogenic masterpiece yourself, there are a few important tips to remember…


-As usual it all starts with a good foundation & the key is to select a colour that blends into the skin on your neck & chest. Nothing looks worse than when the face seems independent of the body- standing out as white & powdery due to a foundation that is too light. The same goes for concealer, as if it is too pale it will create a ‘reverse panda effect’ in photographs. Flash photography reflects light into the face- especially at night, so use a warm toned liquid foundation & a matte mineral powder for the best results.

-keep shimmer powders & metallic highlighters to a minimum, as they can be very light reflective in photos, bringing attention to imperfections. A touch of light shimmer powder on the brow & cheek bones is all you need for a hint of highlight. Pale pastel blushers will disappear with digital photography as it tends to wash out colour in the skin, so go with a stronger blush in shades of rosy brown to define your cheeks. I love Macs ‘Harmony’ for a great all round blush.

-Stick to matte eyeshadows as they absorb light & will define your features while creating a dramatic effect for the evening. A touch of metallic eyeshadow in shades of gold or silver applied to the inner corners of the eyelid is a great way to liven up your makeup while still being photo friendly. Liquid eyeliner also photographs well if its is applied correctly (see my blog- ‘How to apply liquid eyeliner‘)

-For smoldering eyes, stick to deep rich tones such as chocolate brown, aubergine & charcoal to create strong, sexy eyes for the night time. Always blend your kohl pencil with your eyeshadow to create a soft finish & stay away from hard lines as they are instantly aging in a photograph.

-Nude lips are the perfect combo with smokey eyes but remember to avoid the fatal mistake of dark lipliner & pale lips… nothing looks worse in a photo- or in real life! The most flattering lipsticks are always those with a brown/beige base leading into rose & red tones. Bobbi Browns ‘Brownie’ lipstick is an all time favorite of mine as it literally suits everyone & is fantastic for brides.

-Always carry a powder compact with you & check regularly for shine. Jane Iredales pressed mineral powder is perfect for this job as it instantly blots out any surface oil leaving a satiny matte finish.

Remember, for a look that wont date, keep your makeup classic & avoid trends of the moment, that way you wont look back at photos in twenty years time regretting that day-glo lipstick or green eyeshadow!


  1. Thanks for such great tips. Our family are due to have photographs soon and I’m sure the results will be better for us having read your article and realizing what we have done wrong in the past.

  2. Its great to get tips from such a well known makeup artist. Thanks for your informative stories.

  3. Love your makeup tips.

  4. Great tips. I’d love to share this with my portrait clients!

  5. Thanks for the feedback & please share the info with your clients! N;)

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