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27 Jan, 2015 Beauty Blog


I have to confess, I love to sunbathe.

I grew up in the ’70s when there really was no such thing as real sunscreen. My mum used to buy Coppertone ‘Shade’ (see the original advert in the above pic!) which was one of the first real SPF creams with protection factor of 8…. this was considered a complete block as sun lotions of that era had no SPF at all. Moving into the 80′s & my teens, I was a tried & true sun goddess & my tan was enviable. Our family are of Croation descent, so our olive skin tans very easily- which is one of the reasons my skin is still in one piece today! Being a lover of Hawaii I was hooked on Coconut oil, Cocoa butter & any type of viscous substance that would accelerate my deep tan. My face was not spared & I still remember going back to school at 16 (after a Hawaii trip) with a peeling forehead I was proud of. Ironically its in that exact spot that developed my first pigmentation patches 15 years later…

Despite my mother nagging me for years to protect myself from the suns burning rays, I dont think true sun sense hit me until I was about 25. By then I had been working as a makeup artist for over five years, so naturally I became more aware of skincare & sun damage- plus you could finally buy sunscreens that really did work. I still remember when Elizabeth Ardens revolutionary SPF 15 was launched in the early 80′s… it took the beauty industry by storm & we have never looked back.

These days I am an expert when it comes to sun protection & I know which products are effective. In this post  I have complied a list of my top favorite sunscreens, all of which I have tried on myself & my family, so I can say with conviction that they all work. Always remember that you need to reapply sunscreen every few hours for complete protection. If only Id known that back in the day…

-Coppertone Ultra Guard sunscreen lotion, broad spectrum SPF 30 is a tried & true favorite of mine. I discovered this product in Hawaii & have spent hours out on the water without a hint of burn. It glides on smoothly & absorbs instantly & what I love most is that it still has that gorgeous Coppertone smell that takes you back to childhood days at the beach. You can find it at all good Pharmacies & believe it or not, Briscoes.

-Beacuse I love all things Osmosis, I recently tried out their luxurious Osmosis Shade spf 30. This broad spectrum, high performance, physical sunscreen also acts as a moisturizer & is ideal for sensitive skins. Its loaded up with all sorts of pure minerals & essential oils & has a natural coconut fragrance. Because this is a physical sunscreen it looks a little lavender/white on the skin, but I can testify that it works brilliantly as I applied it to my face & was in the ocean for over an hour- the result was no burn & I could still see it on my skin. Excellent stuff!

-You can always trust Clinique to come out with brilliantly effective, user friendly products. I have enjoyed using the new City Block Sheer which comes in an oil free, lightweight formula. Its perfect to use every day on its own or combined with Clinique CC Cream for double protection. City Block is invisible so it also works as a primer under your foundation, plus it contains no chemicals so you can use it around the eye area & on sensitive skin. This sunscreen is not water proof so if you are swimming remember to reapply!

-I love the new Zealand brand Oasis & I highly recommend their BB Cream which gives great coverage & colour as well as sunscreen- the perfect product for every day wear. Their top selling product is Oasis Sun - a 30+ UVA/UVB face & body sunscreen that has a non greasy feel along with a non-whitening finish. It has no parabens & is brilliant for sensitive skin that tends to react to the chemicals in sunscreen. It comes in three different sizes & you can buy it directly from Oasis here

-Any of the Sunsense range is brilliant & they have a product for all types of skin. I love the fragrance free cream for sensitive skins as its ideal to use on children, plus they do a gel formulation that feels cool on the skin upon application. Sunsense Sport boasts a ‘four hour water resistant’ guarantee & so far its never let me down.

- Cetaphil does such a great range of products including a facial moisturizer that contains sunscreen. Cetaphil UVA/UVB SPF 30+ Daily Facial Moisturizer is non greasy, fragrance free, hypo-allergenic & non-comedogenic (which means it wont clog pores). it doesnt irritate the skin on application so its great for kids too.

-When Im spending time in the ocean & want complete protection for my face, I swear by Shiseido Sun protection stick foundation, SPF 35. I always use the transparent version (as opposed to skin tone which looks like thick concealer) & it looks a little white on the skin, however I like to see where I have applied it so I dont miss a patch! Ideal for lips protection too.

If you have a favorite sunscreen please tell me all about in in the comments box! Nx




  2. Oasis do a fantastic natural sunscreen SPF30 and it’s made in NZ.

  3. Thanks for reminding me Lianne. Im a big fan of Oasis products & their sunscreen is awesome- will add it to the list now!

  4. I tell everyone about Clinique CC Cream, its all you need in summer- such a versatile product! Glad you are enjoying it Anna

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