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12 Apr, 2015 Beauty Blog


I like to think of myself as an eye brow expert, so I love nothing better than discovering new products that can enhance the eyebrows with minimum fuss. Throughout my career as a Makeup Artist I have used Elizabeth Ardens famous Sable’ Brow Shaper which is essentially a matte brown powder shadow with an angle brush. Its still a great way to add depth & shape to the brows while still looking natural rather than painted on (my pet hate!) If you dont quite have the skill or patience to shape your brows with a brush, then why not give these products a try. I have been trying out all four for the last few months & each one has a special purpose & effect. The gorgeous image above is of Kate Upton, Bobbi Browns current Spokesmodel.


Clinique Just Browsing Brush-on Styling Mousse Is my new favorite eye brow product, as it doubles the thickness of your brows in seconds. This 24 hour long wearing mousse (now thats something different- mousse for the brows!) manages to tint, tame & fill in even the sparsest eye brows. It has a small, easy to manage brush with a pointy tip that you can use like a pencil to fill in gaps in the brow line. For extra thickness try a double layer, as this mousse actually coats each hair individually for added thickness. This wonder product comes in four shades ranging from very blonde through to extra dark. Im using ‘Deep Brown’ which is ideal for medium blondes. There is no trace of ginger in any of these shades so the results are very natural. RRP $40


Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper & Hair Touch up. In the late 80′s when my brows were thick & lustrous (before 90′s style over plucking..) I used to deepen them using mascara. This new product from Bobbi basically works the same way as a mascara wand, except its smaller & the results are more subtle. The brush is small & the formulation is much thinner than mascara so it wont look thick or gluggy. To apply you simply sweep the wand in the direction that the hairs grow & your brows will looks instantly thicker & more defined. If you want full feathery brows (like hot model Cara Delevingne) then simply brush with an upwards/outwards flick & you can build up extra depth with a second application. The product coats each hair individually so its brilliant if your brows are sparse as it fills them in. It also works as a hair touch up for stray greys & comes in six shades. Im using mahogany which is a mid brown. RRP $50.


Clinique Instant Lift for brows. I generally tint my brows, but in between times they get very light so thats when I have found this new Clinique pen very useful. Instant lift for Brows includes a brow filling pencil on one end & a brow bone high lighter on the other. This retractable crayon has a wax based formula with a powdery cream texture so it glides onto the brows very easily, subtly coloring the hairs & filling in the gaps. This is not a precision pen, so its ideal for those that want to enhance their brows without a ‘drawn on’ effect. You can use the highlighter end (which is a creamy champagne metallic) under the brows to add the illusion of lift, plus I have been using it across my lash line to brighten up my eyes on tired days. Its very soft & once you draw the highlighter on you can simply smudge it with your finger. Its long lasting for up to eight hours & comes in four shades from soft blonde through to dark brown. Im currently using 05 Black Brown- once agin a great all round colour.  RRP $50 & highly recommended!


 Elizabeth Arden Natural Eyebrow Pencil This works exactly like a traditional eyebrow pencil, but the consistency is much softer than most, so it doesnt tug on the skin while you are drawing your line. The nib is very fine so its an ideal tool for creating sharply drawn brow with a strong arch. You can also use this ultra fine pencil to draw on individual brow hairs- just use soft short strokes for a really natural effect. One end has the retractable pencil while the other has a small brush shaped like a mascara wand to smooth your brows into line. A good trick is to spritz some hairspray onto the wand & this will keep your brows in place! This comes in four shades & Im using Brownette, which is a dark mid-brown. RRP $30.

Tip- In my experience I always find dark brown brow pencils to be the most versatile option, as most other shades are too light or too ginger. If you are blonde you can still use a brown brow makeup, as long as you have a light hand when applying it. 


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  1. I also have used Elizabeth Arden’s Sable Brow Shaper for many years but these new products sound like they would be a more modern touch as well as being effective – Thanks for the tip Nikki – Anna

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