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13 Sep, 2010 Beauty Blog

Blusher is undoubtedly the most important product in your makeup bag, as it can singlehandedly transform your complexion & reshape your face. Unfortunately it is also widely misunderstood, as many of us associate blusher with the overdone 80s -Thats the orange ‘Racing Stripe’ style of cheek- or of Nanas pink & powdery ‘rouge’ applied in a circular clown like fashion….

Most teenagers & 20 somethings will never consider blush as an important tool as they are probably too busy applying foundation to cut back flushed cheeks… but as we get older our faces tend to lose colour, which is where the importance of blusher comes in. If its used correctly, the right blush can add instant life to a tired face, bringing back that youthful glow with the flick of a brush.

The reason Blusher is so important is that it gives the face vitality, creates contour & adds colour. The art in using it correctly comes down to three things- Choosing the right colour, knowing where to apply it & doing so with the right brush. If you are using the small synthetic brush that came with your blusher, throw it away immediately & invest in a good quality natural bristled brush. The best blusher brushes available are from MAC & Bobbi Brown & they generally cost between $60 to $100 dollars. This may seem extreme, but a good brush will last a lifetime if you look after it (a few of my favorites are over 20 years old!) For cheaper brushes that are still good quality, I would recommend The Body Shop as they have a great range to choose from that doesn’t cost the earth.


-As a general rule, the lighter the skin tone, the paler the blush & porcelain complexions work best with a shades of soft rose & peach. To add contour choose a light shade of beige then add some colour to the apple of the cheek with a hint of pink. MACs ‘Cubic’ is my favorite blush for pale skin as it sits perfectly between pink & brown, adding colour & creating contour all at the same time. I also love Smashboxs ‘Ecstasy’ for a touch more intensity.

-Olive skin has natural yellow undertones & has a tendency to look sallow- particularly in the winter. Warm blushers with a bronzy base work well on warm toned complexions, as pastel shades tend to blend in & disappear. MACS powder blush in ‘Margin’ is one of may favorites for olive skin, as it is a gorgeous soft brown with a hint of shimmer. I recently bought it for my mum- who is a brown eyed blonde with olive skin- & since using it she constantly receives comments on how well she looks…. That what I mean about the power of blusher!

-When applying blusher do so with a large  round brush & use circular movements, sweeping the colour across your cheeks, starting from your hairline & working inwards. Keep the brush moving to create a soft flush of colour rather than a hard line. Blusher can also double as eyeshadow, as a sweep of your favorite colour across the brow bone adds instant lift to your eyes.

-A great trick to add life to tired looking skin is to apply a touch of coral or rosy blush to the apple of the cheek. This creates an instant flushed cheek effect, or as I often say- ‘it provides a youthful glow’! My favorite  shades to create this look are Bobbi Browns ‘Apricot’ (a soft coral) or ‘Slopes’ (a flushed pink).

-Bronzer can also be used as blusher & I often combine the two. One of my favorite looks for summer is to apply a matte bronzer across the cheeks, (I love Bobbi Browns as it never looks orange) then subtly dust it on the high points of the face where the sun hits- thats the forehead, chin & very lightly down the nose. Next, add luminosity with one of MACs shimmery mineralize powders & your skin will have an instant golden glow.

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