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11 Oct, 2010 Beauty Blog

I cant rave enough about the Bettjemans Permanent Blow wave, a treatment that transforms dry, curly & frizzy hair into a glorious mane of soft waves.

Four months ago I walked into Bettjemans skeptical that any type of product could tame my insanely curly hair, yet the treatment has been so successful for me that this week I found myself back at the salon, desperately keen to get it done all over again. This time the whole process was quicker & even more efficient than before & the results are miraculous!


Keratin, the protein that gives our hair strength is applied in a rich solution onto freshly washed & dried hair. The hair is then dried again & carefully ironed in very small sections with a heat styler. This bonds the Keratin to the hair shaft which is where the transformation begins. For the next two days (it used to be three days but the solution is new & improved) you are not allowed to get your hair wet, put it up, clip it or even place it behind your ears. After 48 hours you can then wash your hair, but it is vital that you use a sodium chloride free shampoo- as this chemical will strip the hair of Keratin. Bettjemans very nicely supply you with the prescribed Kerastrait shampoo & conditioner so you dont have to worry about reading all the fine print on the labels.


My hair is very thick, super curly & on a humid day- very frizzy, so I am the perfect candidate for the permanent Blow Wave. It takes all the bulk out of my hair, relaxes the curl & totally banishes the frizz. In the old days I used to wash my hair & apply three different leave in products to control the curl- then hope for a sunny day! Now I can let it dry naturally & I am left with shiny soft waves… I can smooth it out in five minutes with my GHD’s, or activate the curl with tongs. In short, its changed my life, as apart from the obvious benefits I now spend less money on hair product as well as less time in the mirror- plus I couldnt care less if I get caught in the rain, as I have NO MORE FRIZZ!!!!!


  1. How long does this process last in the hair and do you get regrowth?

  2. The Permanent blow wave lasts for over four months. You dont get regrowth as it gradually wears out of the hair & the curls slowly return. This time my treatment has been more successful as the product builds up every time you get it done, so the hair is softer & in even better condition than before. Thanks, NIKKI

  3. It’s sounds great….! Nice website you have here Nikki.

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