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30 Mar, 2017 Beauty Blog

Foundation has had a bit of a comeback lately- particularly with the YouTube tutorial phenomenon. Everyone wants perfect looking skin, but there is nothing worse than a face of foundation which is either caked on, the wrong colour, or gloriously greasy looking. I personally like as little foundation as possible… just enough to even out the skin & cover a up a few imperfections (if you have them!) Here’s a few tips that I have picked up after three decades of applying that perfect base…..The above photo is of gorgeous Jess Tyson from the latest issue of NZ Bride & Groom magazine- I used Clinique Even Better Foundation on her lovely skin.

Top Foundation Tips

-Foundation is designed to even out the skin tone & add colour- not to create a mask to hide behind. Only apply it where you need it & take care to be light handed to achieve a natural result.

- Your face is often lighter in tone than your body- particularly in summer- so dont be afraid to choose a foundation that is a shade or two warmer in colour than your natural skin. If you are unsure what colour to go for when selecting a deeper shade, then just match it to the skin on your neck & decolletage.

- Take care to check your colour choice in the natural outdoor light rather than in the department stores artificial lighting, as this way you will get a true reading of the colour (& this goes for all makeup)

- Many top foundations also contain active skincare ingredients suited to various skin types (like dry or oily skin)  so it pays to do your research to find the brand that suits your particular skin.

-Not everyone likes the feel or look of foundation, particularly if you have a sporty lifestyle. If this is the case then use a good BB or CC cream instead- they provide colour & a light coverage as well as sunscreen. In the summer Clinique CC Cream is my go-to product, it covers redness, moisturizes & protects.

The Worst Foundation Mistakes

-Wearing way too much foundation is the worst mistake you can make. Nothing is more unflattering than a mask of makeup & it can be incredibly aging. Stay away from old fashioned Pancake style makeup & embrace the new technology of feather light liquid foundation & natural minerals.

-Choosing the wrong colour foundation creates an unnatural result as if its too dark it will make your skin look ruddy & if its too light you end up with a grey looking complexion.

-Over powdered foundation is highly unflattering, old fashioned & aging. Only apply a light application of powder (preferably mineral) to the high points of the face (particularly the nose & forehead) then leave the rest of the face dewy, which looks way more modern & youthful

Its all in the application! 

-Before you apply your foundation makeup sure your skin has been well moisturized, as a dry surface will cause makeup to ‘grab’ resulting in a patchy finish. Also, exfoliating regularly will keep your skin super smooth so foundation will glide on easily.

-Always test foundation on your cheek or jawline rather than on your hand (where the the skin is darker). The perfect colour will be the one that you DONT see as this will blend seamlessly into the skin.

-You can apply foundation with a sponge or brush, but the most accessible tool is your fingertips. Skin on skin application gives a natural translucent coverage & makes the blending process easier (& quicker!) particularly if you are just applying a light, everyday coverage.

-To create an even finish, use a light liquid foundation & start blending with your fingertips from the centre of the face & gently work outward lightly smoothing it across the cheeks & forehead. Take care to blend out the edges so you cant see where the makeup stops & starts. I like to use a buffing brush for final touches as it helps to smooth out the makeup & create a seemless finish. These brushes are usually synthetic & are a versatile tool for liquid foundation application.

-Foundation is a building process, so for areas that need extra coverage, (like red veins or blemishes) you can gently dab on some extra foundation using your finger tip or a small concealer brush.

Nikkis Favorites…. 

I have used Clinique foundation since I first started makeup. Super Balanced makeup is a long time personal favorite, but Im currently using ‘Even Better’ foundation in my kit as it suits all skin types & colours. You honestly cant go wrong with Clinique foundation.

Elizabeth Ardens Prevage  Anti Aging foundation is an incredible product. Its amazingly light in texture, but gives a beautiful luminous coverage. Its also loaded with all those goodies that come in Prevage skincare so your skin is being constantly nourished all day.

Bobbi Brown does a great range of bases, but my current fave is the Skin Nourishing Glow Foundation Its great for dryer complexions as its loaded with rich moisturizers so the skin looks instantly plump & dewy… love it!

For a complete coverage I love Osmosis Long Wear Liquid foundation. It doubles as a concealer & has a buildable texture so you can really create that amazing airbrushed finish.  If liquid foundation is not for you, then Mineral Powder is the way to go. I love Osmosis Mineral Pressed Base- its the best!


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  1. Great info Nikki – I do use (on your recommendation) Osmosis Mineral Pressed Base so will certainly try one of the foundations you have mentioned !!

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