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We live in an age where the latest skincare is constantly promising miracles & those miracles come with numerous dollar signs attached! I know there are many women who dont mind spending a small fortune on their face, but they like to see & feel results… in this case Olay delivers.

Last year I was  involved in the launch of the new Olay ‘Touch of Foundation’; a light tinted moisturizer that has all the benefits of a great skin cream. The research has been done on this product in the States & it has been proven that it contains ingredients that are in products priced well over $250 (for all the skincare junkies out there that ingredient is Niacinamide- a powerful anti aging treatment). You can buy Touch of Foundation for less than $40…

‘Definity’ is the latest innovation from Olay. Its a new range of anti-aging & tone correcting products that work to reduce skin discolouration & pigmentation- both major problems with our skin due to past sun damage. The range is extensive, but all the products contain those magic ingredients that will actually help to diminish those troublesome brown patches that so many of us suffer from- young & old. The secret with any product that has promises attached is that you must use it regularly, morning & night over a six week period to notice a difference, which means at a price of around $39 you can lather it on guilt free!

Two weeks ago I distributed various bottles of Olay Definity to my mum & aunty (who are in their 60s) & some 40-something friends to see what they thought. Feedback has been that the  Foaming Moisturizer goes a long way, glides on to the skin easily & feels comfortable. My aunty (who loves a good moisturizer) is enjoying the Anti-Aging cream & friends are enjoying the Tone-correcting serum. So far so good & I’ll check in with then in a month or so & see how their skin is looking!

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  1. Thanks for the Heads Up on Definity Olay.
    That will be my next purchase for the makeup bag.
    I look forward to the magic ingredients doing their

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