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Amazing Lashes!

19 Sep, 2018 Beauty Blog
Amazing Lashes!


In the modern world it seems to me that every second girl I meet is wearing a set of false lashes- & I dont mean the ones my mum used to wear in the seventies, Im talking about the semi permanent lashes that are painstakingly applied individually & last about two weeks until they are ready to be freshened up with another set. If they are done well they look great, but I have seen so many bad jobs of late that Im starting to think twice. These lashes have their drawbacks as I feel like they only look good for the first few days- plus if you use mascara on them they wont last at all.

Mascara is my ‘Desert Island’ makeup item & I love it for so many reasons- but mainly because with one sweep of the wand your lashes are instantly lifted. Buying a mascara that suits you can take a bit of trial & error but if you find the right one & apply it correctly, its as good as a set of falsies.

Revlons brand new Volumazing Mascara ticks all the boxes for me when it comes to finding a great mascara. It ultra creamy formula thickens & lengthens, plus you can layer it to create a falsh-lash effect without any clumping. Its rich & black with an easy to use mid-sized fluffy brush that has a curved centre & wavy filaments designed to coast every lash. Volumazing mascara is also infused with olive oil so it doesnt feel dry or flaky on the lashes (I hate that feeling) and it comes off easily with an oil based eye makeup remover- another benefit. It comes in two shades, Blackest Black (very dark & inky) & Blackened Brown. Personally I always recommend a black mascara as its the most effective, but if you are very fair & want a natural look, then a dark brown mascara can work well.

And the best news is you can grab a violet tube of Volumazing for a mere $25. Thanks Revlon x

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  1. I too have been envious of girls/ladies lash extensions, but read up on it and the process can have an effect of your real eyelashes and they may not grow so well after some time of using them. so have decided not to go there. I struggle with finding a good mascara, my lashes have got thinner as i have grown older, I have found a good economical tubing mascara is from Designer Brands

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