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19 Apr, 2011 Beauty Blog

Everyone loves to see a great makeover & for me it is truly inspiring to completely transform a women with the simple art of makeup. Behold the gorgeous Bonnie Weekes who is the subject of my most recent makeover. I have known Bonnie for many years & she has always been an incredibly natural beauty with sparkling eyes & a beautiful warm smile. When I caught up with Bonnie last year I felt that she needed to update her look & despite looking devastatingly glam, I felt that too much makeup was hiding her natural good looks.

When Bonnie arrived for her makeover last week I asked her to come wearing the face that she applies every day (see the photo below). At first glance I could see that see had way too much thick foundation on, which was several shades too dark for her naturally olive complexion. Her eye makeup also looked overdone & I felt her lipstick was too bright, making her look dated. Im a true believer that you need to see the women not the makeup, so if a face full of makeup is the first thing you notice about a person- then they are wearing too much!!

Bonnie scrubbed her face clean (& I have to say she looked amazing with no makeup on) & I applied a light moisturizer to hydrate her skin. The first step was to find a foundation that blended into her skin, but that was also warm enough to counter balance her neck & chest which are quite dark. I settled on two shades of Loreal’s True Match- W6 & W7, (W stands for ‘warm’, so if you have olive skin choose a shade in True Matches ‘W’ range). I then applied a light mineral power (Elizabeth Ardens ‘Pure Finish’ #4) to cut back shine while still leaving the skin dewy.

Next, I cleaned up Bonnies brow line with a minimum of plucking which immediately opened up her eyes, then I defined her brows with Bobbie browns Mahogony eyeshadow. For her eye makeup I kept it simple with a combo of all my favorite MAC colours… ‘Orb’ over the whole eye area to create highlight & even out the skin, ‘Haux’ (a warm pinky taupe) through the crease & ‘Mulch’ across & lid, blended over MACs ‘Teddy’ eye liner pencil to create definition. (both of these are chocolaty browns with a touch of shimmer) I used very little under her eyes- just smudge of brown shadow applied with a fine brush, then I applied lashings of black mascara to her top lashes.

I defined Bonnies cheeks with MACs ‘Harmony’ blush then I used one of my tricks which always gives the skin that extra glow- a touch of pinky-peachy blush on the apple of the cheek & in the centre of the brow bone. I do this with Bobbi Browns ‘Apricot’ powder blusher, a staple in my makeup kit.

By now Bonnie was looking transformed & dare I say it- 10 years younger! I kept her lips neutral, staying away from purples, reds & oranges- all colours that add instant years to a woman over 40. My tone of choice was Bobbi Browns ‘Brownie’ lipstick followed by a touch of MACs ‘Lust’ lipgloss.

I finished her new look by smoothing out her hair with my skinny GHD irons, then I added shine with Morrocan oil & pinned her curly locks into a side chignon. Neil Gussey, photographer extraordinaire, then stood Bonnie in the soft natural light & took her portrait which beautifully showcases her gorgeous new image. Truly inspirational…!


  1. What a difference clean, fresh makeup can do, she looks great!! All the ladies need to be reminded of their natural beauty …. and a couple of great tips from you!

  2. Wow Nikki!!! Amazing!! I love how fresh and natural her makeup looks and she truely does look 10 years younger:)I always look forward to reading your stories!

  3. Thanks for the feedback girls! I think she looks fantastic too… N;)

  4. Amazing, she looks fabulous, much fresher :)

  5. Just beautiful n so fresh love her new look

  6. Absolutely amazing..she really does look years younger..well done

  7. Still one of my most popular blogs!

  8. Wow thats an amazing transformation, she looks stunning

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